About Clearbuilt Technologies

Your Pathway to Possible  Since 1994.

Clearbuilt was founded in 1994 by two engineers that were focused on helping American businesses to achieve the Possible. Our understanding of business operations and mastery of technology is a key component of our continued success. However, we feel strongly that it is our passion that inspires great partnerships with our clients.

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Meet the Founders

Neal Berry

Neal BerryNeal Berry was accepted directly into the PhD program as a research assistant at Georgia Tech after graduating with highest honors in Electrical Engineering. In early 1994, while working on the final requirement for his PhD, he took a leave of absence to start a web development company. His vision and insight into how the Internet will change the way business is conducted led to the creation of Clearbuilt Technologies in 1994 (then known as ExpoNet). Neal continues to lead Clearbuilt as the CEO.

Neal is an accomplished speaker having conducted numerous sessions at tradeshows, conferences, and corporate off-sites. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that has successfully managed the design and development of applications for fortune 100 companies, start-ups, and everything in between. Neal masterfully works with companies to understand their unique problems before creatively designing a solution that incorporates the appropriate amount of technology.

A couple of qualities immediately become obvious when meeting Neal. The first is that his integrity is without question. He makes decisions based on what is right for the customer, not what is most profitable for Clearbuilt. The second is his passion for teaching. This interest manifests in his ability to listen to and explain complex subjects to people of all technical skill levels.

Neal and his wife of 25 years live in Atlanta, GA with their 3 children. Neal is a certified SCUBA diver, amateur sound technician, youth sports coach, licensed pilot, and spends free weekends with his family on their boat.

Mike Weisenborn

Mike WeisenbornMike Weisenborn earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, with a Computer Engineering emphasis. He worked for NASA in Langley, VA as a scientific visualization specialist designing and programming systems for analyzing flight test data for 4 years. Because of his supplemental independent research on information systems, NASA chose Mike to be a charter member of the team of pioneers formed in 1993 to take advantage of the newly created world wide web. Mike later left NASA to form Clearbuilt Technologies, leveraging his experience and research at NASA to bring web technology to the private sector.

Mike is a highly respected software engineer. He is a member of several industry associations and a frequent speaker at industry events. He especially excels in business process automation. Both internally and for customers, if there is a process that Clearbuilt will perform more than once, Mike will automate it.

It is rare to find an engineer that can think outside of the box and develop creative solutions. Mike is able to do this routinely. Yet, he has the healthy skepticism of a truly analytical person. That is foundational to his success, because it drives his firm resolve in testing software before release. He excels at rapidly developing simple solutions to complex problems that will stand the test of long-term use. Some of his code he developed for customers still runs, largely unchanged, after 15 years.

Mike lives in Athens with his wife of over 20 years and his two sons. He enjoys coaching soccer, swimming, amateur photography, experimenting with new technologies, and spending time with his family.