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Business Process Automation

All companies can benefit from automation, but not all processes should be automated. Who has time to do an in-depth study of all their business processes anyway? We will look for your greatest pain points, perform a cost/benefit analysis, and ensure a positive impact on your bottom line. This may require replacing manual processes with software, integrating disparate systems, or digitizing paper processes.

  • reduce costs
  • improve employee morale
  • reduce paper wastes

Cloud-Based Application Development:
Software as a Service

If you can find software that meets your needs, then use it. If not, then you need custom software from an experienced firm that you can trust. Clearbuilt is a custom application development firm that specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Targeted: You get exactly what you need with a custom application
  • User Friendly: It is developed for you so required training is greatly reduced
  • Flexible: You don't have to wait for the next release for a feature you need
  • Accessibile: It is securely available to Internet connected computers and devices
  • Efficient: You own the data and the code, but don't need internal resources to run it

B2B Transactions and Integration

How many different applications do you use in a normal business day? Do they all 'talk' to each other? Have you ever thought there has to be a better way?

Growing businesses place difficult demands on the computing systems. You have you more internal needs. Also, the number of external interactions with your customers, suppliers, partners and more require special care.

Let us help you save time, save money, and reduce errors by modernizing your B2B transactions and integrating your systems.

  • Estimating and Ordering
  • Financial
  • HR


Electronic buying and selling of products is quite commonplace. If your business can benefit from the standard shopping cart and credit card based storefronts, then you should take advantage of them. However, if you have specific needs that can't be squeezed into the existing ecommerce packages, then Clearbuilt can help.

  • credit cards/online checks/POs
  • subscription/recurring services
  • shopping cart
  • complicated freight calculations
  • promotions/specials/coupon codes
  • reports